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God of the small things

Last Friday I waved Grant goodbye and, although I was going to miss him for three nights, my mind was also preoccupied with a ladies meeting we were having at our church the next day.

Several weeks ago a small group of us ladies sat together and listened to Christy Herselman share her vision for this meeting. Now, I am sure the idea of ladies church meetings conjure up visuals of an exclusive bunch of gaggling middle-aged women, drinking tea and discussing home décor, children and the rising price of groceries. Ok, so a lot of us are middle aged and home décor, children and the rising price of groceries are important to us but we would probably be drinking coffee and in no way would this meeting be exclusive!

Let me just say that I adore these special women from The Rock and I picture them as part of this beautiful rainbow that Ian Edwards spoke about during his preach on Sunday. Each one of them bring their own complex, unique and magnificent colour to this rainbow community. God is using each one in such a special way and it is so exciting to see.

The meeting was titled The God of Small Things. God and small in the same sentence just seems like a paradox, right? But this is where God is so amazing. You see, it’s the small things, the small moments that often make the most impact – the seed that becomes the tree, the drops of rain that become a river, the seed and the egg that become a human life. The unexpected meal to a neighbor, the word of encouragement to a work colleague, the car lift to a weary nanny on her way home, the prayer for the invisible beggar on the street corner.

Life is made up of these special God moments that are seemingly so small but God takes them and multiplies them and gives them his glory. The aim of this meeting was to give encouragement and fan the flame for so many ladies who may feel that their lives are insignificant, void of gifts, talents and the ability to do God’s work.

More than 100 ladies came to the meeting. Some were from The Rock but the majority were not. Every single woman who came through those doors was given a prophetic word. Every single woman was prayed for unknowingly before the meeting and a note was written: a promise from God unique to that person. Christy Herselman and Natalie Mallett spoke (you guys are such legends), we watched two video clips (The Invisible Woman and Figuring Life Out). Google them whether you are a guy or a girl, you will be moved.

And then while Vanessa, Jill and Cristy sang we handed out little bags with stones in them.

David used a sling and a stone to bring down Goliath. These stones represented the gifts we have, our talents, the tools in our lives right now and the weapons we have against the enemy. The most important thing about these stones is that they need to be yours.

By that I mean David was uncomfortable wearing Saul’s armor. It did not fit, it was cumbersome because it did not belong to him. But those stones he knew how to use, and he used them well. For us those stones could represent anything from owning a car, being a prayer warrior, a baker or an accountant, a contagious smile, a great hugger, children, family, patience to rock a crying baby. Everybody has their bag of stones – God given, unique and extremely powerful.

So as we sat and listened to the music, we wrote on our stones, we wrote and gave stones to friends, we prayed with each other and God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit moved and woke up these powerful women. My challenge going forward is that we may stay awake, that we will look at our stones often, throw out the ones that don’t work for us anymore and continue to add new stones but most of all, may we have the courage to use them.

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A light in the dark

Sometimes life is difficult.

Sometimes those things we hold on to seem faint, like watermarks on our lives instead of bright new tattoos. Sometimes life is hard.

A few years ago my husband and I walked through something unexpected and difficult. In my mind I knew that suffering in life was inevitable but like some spoilt child I imagined that suffering was not something would have to actually walk through.

There were times in that very dark season of our lives when I thought the lack of light might swallow me whole and never spit me out again. No one could prepare me for the sadness (mine or my husband’s – I’m not sure which was worse for me) and nothing anyone said seemed to penetrate the dark; not their prayers, nor their ‘kind’ words, nor their insistence that all should be well with my soul because of God. I heard none of it. I built a wall so thick that all I could hear were my own tears.

And then a story…

Sometime in the midst of that hardship a friend was praying with me and gave me a picture that only I could relate to – you know the kind that other people would think is bizarre and yet it speaks to you with such clarity that you burst into an ugly cry? (Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about) You see, I’m a story lover. Stories speak to me like few other things do. And in the middle of that awful time where I felt so alone and wretched, God used the one thing that might show me he was there. That picture was as if, standing there in that dark place, I felt the squeeze of someone’s hand in mine; a bigger, stronger hand that knew the way out.

I took that picture and wrote it into a story that helped me work through the darkness. I often go back to it, to remind myself of God’s love for me in that dark time because unlike I did in the past, I know hard times will come again.

I also know that I don’t have to weather those times alone – even though it might feel like I am alone; even though the mark of God on my life might feel faint and insubstantial; even though I am surrounded by darkness.

It’s been a few years since I had to walk that badly hewn path. I still bare some slowly healing scars. Coming through it, I feel new. I feel stronger and I laugh because when I was dealing with all of that ‘stuff’ I would never have imagined I would feel like this. Smiles are cherished things in our house. We feel like victors in a war – things came so close to falling apart and yet here we are, whole… and happy.

Is it easy for me to say that God will be with you (and me) in the dark times to come? Yes and no. Yes, because I know he is there despite the fact that I cannot see him and no, because I know nothing but God can convince you of his presence in that dark place. I have my story to cling to, a story he tells over and over in my life and the lives of my friends. It’s a story of his great devotion towards me. A story of rescue.

Sometimes life is difficult. Today has been one of those days, where the truth is faint and my soul is heavy. It’s nothing like that dark time, it’s just a shadow of it, but nonetheless it was a day of almost forgetting the story, the gospel.

And then the story…

He whispers it to me when I’m least expecting it and I feel his breath on my cheek. My sadness is undone in those moments and my spiritual amnesia is banished. I remember who holds my hand.

Thank you God for stories.

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Rocking the Psychic Fair 2.0

“I have put my words in your mouth and covered you with the shadow of my hand” – Isaiah 51:16

I can’t say that I ever dreamed or imagined that I would one day be involved in manning a stand at a psychic fair.  And yet God knew that in 2013 I’d be there.  He knew who would come looking for answers.  He knew which of His children would be lost and ready to be found by him.  He had heard all their stories, prayers and arguments and knew their experiences and most importantly, He knew how to answer them.  The fields were white.

There are two particular stories that I’d like to share.  They really highlight that our Father is seeking His children.  He has been speaking to and preparing many to inherit salvation.  His plans are in motion.  He knows the who, where, when and how.  He even has the words for us to speak.  Would we listen and partake in the greatest love story ever told?

First let me tell you about a very special lady I met.  I was walking around the various stalls, smiling and praying and met a lady who practiced Chinese astrology and had a stand at the show.  We got chatting and she asked what we did and when I mentioned dream interpretation, she became very interested. She started telling me a dream she had had, which actually turned out to be a vision she had experienced during deep meditation.  In this vision, her father appeared to her with a message. She took this very seriously as her dad had entered into a Matha (Hindu monastery) about twenty years ago, pursuing a devotion to one of the Hindu gods. Even more important was that he had been dead many years.

In this vision he said to her, quite mysteriously, “You’ll know the way when you see the light”.  Well, that just got my antennae’s tingling!  And as I’m sure most of you reading will sense, it’s not the most difficult vision to “decode”. Clearly, this was a way to introduce this woman to her heavenly Father.  I invited her to our stand where we ministered to her the truth of Jesus, who is the way, the truth and the life.  He is the light.  We prayed with her and the tears flowed (our corner really was a corner of tears). Afterwards she said that she had felt peace and an energy when we had prayed and held her hands.  Did she make a salvation decision?  Not with us.  Was her life completely changed around?  I can’t give you an answer.  But this I can tell you, this woman had a taste of the Father and He is good.

On the Thursday that the fair started, some guys from my work met together to pray for our team.  I received a phone call later from one of the guys saying that I should expect an Indian gentleman with a gray beard, wearing a blue shirt.  This man was the last person that I ministered to on the Sunday:  an elderly Indian gentleman, gray beard, blue shirt.  He was intrigued by our dream interpretation sign and wanted to know if we could help.  When he was eighteen, he had dreamed of another realm in which he saw things moving and happening at an extraordinary speed, but in an ordered and accurate way. This plane, as he described it, was extremely bright, calm, peaceful and warm. In this place, he saw a massive throne which contained, around the base, a number of colourful and beautiful gems. These precious stones would become detached from the throne and float a little bit away and then quickly reattach themselves and this would continue over and over.

Could we help? He longed to have an experience like this again! I felt that this was, quite simply, an invitation, from the throne room of God to a lost son.  Again, as with the woman I met, we ministered the truth about Jesus and prayed with him. We really felt like God had brought this man right to us, because the Father was seeking him. Afterwards he explained that he was actually a Muslim man and that they believed in the prophet Isa (Jesus). I urged him, that if he was truly wanting to find God, that he needed to go home, get on his knees and to ask.

We met many different people over this weekend with interesting backgrounds and belief systems.  But these two stories really summed it up for me.  It demystified my role in evangelism, counselling and the prophetic.  It wasn’t about the big moments.  It was about our Father, holy and good, who is seeking His children, whether they look and act like me or not.  He has been talking to and preparing them way before I ever met them.  We are not the answer, but we have the Answer.

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Rocking the Psychic Fair

Some may think it strange that The Rock booked a table at the recent Psychic Fair. When I was first asked to be involved, the idea was pretty daunting. But we simply went there with a heart to touch people with the love of Jesus, because once he touches you, you are changed.

There were so many stories to tell, all of them amazing! One of the stories that stuck in my heart is of a lady who is moving to another country with her family and she was feeling very stressed about sorting out all the admin that goes with that. She said that she was Catholic but that she also believed her bracelet of gem stones was helping her as well. We asked if we could pray for her and ask Jesus to help her. She was ok with that, and so we prayed and at the end of the prayer, she said that her hands were tingling.

I asked her if she would like to have an encounter with Jesus and she said, “Ooh yes, I have always wanted that!” So we got her to close her eyes and asked Jesus to give her a picture.  She said that she was in a garden. We asked if we could invite Jesus into that garden which she was quite happy to do. We asked Jesus to come in to her garden and she immediately said that it was filling up with beautiful flowers and that there was a little stream in front of her.  So we asked Jesus where he was in that picture. Instantly she said in awe “He is right in front of me, in the river, I can see his feet, but he won’t let me look up, I can feel his hand on my head, preventing me from looking up.” We asked Jesus if she could look up.  With that she started to cry and said “I have fallen forward and I’m lying on his chest, I can feel him, it is so amazing”.  When she left, she had peace and had found the answer she was looking for.

We had all kinds of people sit at our table, universalists, wiccans, Christians, Muslims and Hindus. They were all confident in what they believed in and felt that they had the truth and were happy, but the minute we spoke about their identity i.e we can see that you are a compassionate person, it seemed to break through the lie that they were ok. Everyone let us pray for them and many, many of them left with tears, having felt the touch of Jesus on them.  It was amazing talking and praying with them as they were all very spiritually aware and responded easily.

I think we can learn a lesson from this. Sometimes we approach the Lord with so much theology in our minds, that we don’t hear him. He always speaks.  If you look in the bible, how many times God speaks to the disobedient and unlovely and calls them to himself.  Even in our own salvation, we HEARD him in our sin and responded.  We have this wrong belief that God speaks only when we are really holy, and to the very mature, he speaks more.  No it’s when we choose to listen that we will hear, because he is always speaking.

Thank you, Brad for organising this, thank you to the team you were all AMAZING and thank you Jesus for your incredible faithfulness and allowing us to have such fun partnering with you.