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Encounter the king

On Tuesday evening, as we were setting up for our holiday club, Encounter the King, I went upstairs to find the prophetic dance team dancing and worshipping. As I felt the beautiful, thick & tangible presence of God in the room, I knew that the next three days would be life-changing, not only for the children, but for all of us! There were about 90 children with us each day & it was beautiful to see that they were from a wide range of churches across the city, some as far afield as Greytown! Each child received a journal on the first day and Mark encouraged them to write and draw the things that God showed them during our time together.

Over the next three days we all jumped into the river of God’s presence and worshipped our hearts out! The boys “roared” over the girls and we all roared together claiming our schools and friends for Jesus. The children wrote the lies and negative words that have been spoken over them on a huge piece of paper and ran through them to break those lies…powerful! Over the three days, each of the groups got to spend time in God’s presence in different and fun ways: prophetic dance, prophetic art and the encounter stations. God brought the most amazing team of leaders together (again, from different churches) for each of these areas and not only did He work powerfully in the children’s lives, but the team was deeply touched too! The children had such fun worshipping with their bodies in dance, as Holy Spirit taught them not to be afraid to move! They could choose to dance with flags and ribbons, or do ballet or some upbeat hip-hop. At the prophetic art station, they broke the lie that they can’t draw by starting the session drawing with their feet! God gave them powerful pictures which they drew and created with clay and other materials.

I was so blessed to be part of the encounter stations: the “heart-room”, the “soaking garden” where they rested and listened to what Jesus had to say to them, the “treasure room” and the “throne room”, where they sat on the throne and literally saw and heard from heaven! Wow! The common theme over the stations was encountering God and hearing what He had to say to the children, re-enforcing that they are treasures in His Kingdom and are deeply loved! Children saw angels, many were healed physically and emotionally and some gave their hearts to Jesus! We celebrated everything that God had done over these three amazing days with the most spectacular paint “colour blast”… a symbol of the blessings and love that God had poured into all of our hearts! Thank you, Jesus, for Your love and faithfulness…we know it is just the tip of the ice-berg and that You have SO much more for Your children!

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Made holy

He got me. He got me real good. It was with pinpoint accuracy that He struck me, right between the eyes. A real life David and Goliath moment, except part of my theology was Goliath and God’s word was David’s stone. A nugget of God’s truth smashing through a pagan mind set.

“For He chose us in Him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in His sight.” (Eph 1:4 NIV)

Now don’t get me wrong, this is not the first time I’ve read this, but come on, have you considered the implications of this?

– While the world was still dark and formless and before God uttered those defining words, “Let there be…”, He chose you to be: Holy and blameless.

– Before your parents, whether as part of a responsible, planned pregnancy or in a moment of self-serving human lust came together to conceive you, He chose you to be: Holy and blameless.

– While you were in the middle thoughts or actions that stand completely contrary to the holy, eternal nature of God, He had already chosen you to be: Holy and blameless.

It’s safe to say that God has always had a plan and part of that plan is to see you and I sitting, at the right hand of the Father, in Christ, holy and blameless. Am I labouring this point? Yes, yes I am. You see, I have struggled with this. I love God and I want more of Him in my life. I want to see Him breaking in and through me. I want to see the world shift around me in accordance to the shift I have experienced within me. So my belief has been that in order for me to see more of the Spirit moving in me, I have to be better, more holy and more pure.

But you can’t be ‘more holy’! You can’t be ‘more pure’! Holy is holy, pure is pure. Holiness is not a dial that goes from 1 to 10. It’s a switch that is either off or on. And if you’ve given yourself to God, it is on! You are holy! No person, force or event can point a finger at your right standing.

Too long have I lived a Christian life with a dial notion of holiness. I have strived to live with my holiness dial sitting at 10. Or at least hovering around the 9 mark. However, on a dial that goes to 10, God exists and operates at level that cannot be described by a human numbering system. It is simply impossible to attain that holiness. Our only salvation lies in accepting His holiness.

But then what? What does this mean to me and how should I now live it out? I still want to see God breaking in and through me. I still want to see the world shift around me. I want to taste God. I want to hear Him more and more. If the issue is not with who I am in Christ (and I pray that as you’ve read this article, that question is being settled) then what needs to change? Let me ask you this. How much does the taste of your tea or coffee change after you’ve eaten some jam on toast? Has the coffee or tea changed its taste, or has your perceived taste of it changed? Who has changed? The answer is simply, your taste has changed.

Now before I go on, please, do not hear the legalist talking. The legalist wants to get in on this conversation, but don’t let it. That is not me. And neither should it be you. But the question has to be asked, when we strive and contend to hear God, to taste of His goodness and to partake in His holiness and it falls short, what has changed? Surely not God! The answer is simply, you and I have changed. What are we watching, tasting, hearing and partaking of that is altering our part and pleasure in a divine relationship?

“But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His wonderful light”. (1 Pet 2:9 NIV)

We have been called out. If you didn’t know that, you know now! We are not called to blend in, to watch the same things as the world, to read the same things, to speak the same things, to worry about their things. You see, like salvation, we don’t work for holiness. We walk from holiness. We are holy, in Him.

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Transformation Key 1: Enter into their world


Jesus brought transformation wherever he went.  As believers we talk about bringing transformation wherever we go.  Often we think a healing will always bring permanent transformation, a prophetic word will bring permanent transformation, a word of knowledge will bring permanent transformation, or a kind gesture will bring permanent transformation… but these are just tools to help bring the transformation which Jesus came to bring.

True transformation is not just a healing or kind gesture or any of those other things.  True transformation takes place in a multifaceted way.  We study Jesus’s life to see how to heal, prophecy, love and many other things, and rightly so.  If we are after transformation shouldn’t we study the life of the greatest transformer known to humanity to see how to bring permanent transformation to our families, friends, communities and nations?  Jesus has a way in which he transforms lives and cultures.  It is this organic process that we will be looking at over the next seven months.  Each month I will write an article on one step in the transformation process, starting with the principle of “entering their world”.


Jesus is known for entering the world of man and living like man.  But this principle is bigger than that.  Let’s look at Nathaniel.  In John 1:43-51 we see the unfolding of Nathaniel’s introduction to Transformation Incarnate.

Phillip’s introduction to Jesus is pretty straight forward.  Jesus finds Phillip and says, “Follow me”.  Phillips says… wait for it…. “OK”.  Simple. Then Phil runs to Nathaniel shouting, ”Hey Nate!…. Naaaaaaaaate! Dude, I found the guy, ya know… the Messiah!”

Nate’s response (with what I’m sure is a Scottsburgh accent and attitude) is, “Dude, what the heck good can come out of Toti?” (OK, I know it’s Nazareth but stick with the colorful story).  I’m not sure how Phil does it, but he convinces Nate to come and meet this guy from ‘Toti’ who claims to be the Messiah.  As Nate walks up to Jesus, Jesus enters the world of Nate.

Jesus smiles and calls out, “Hey! A real Jew! And not a false bone in his body!”  This is an amazing compliment… so naturally Nate looks around to see who Jesus is giving the compliment to, and realizes that it must be him.  Nate quips back, “Hey my china, how do ya know  where I’m from?”

Jesus looks back at him and smiles. He says, ”Nathaniel… long before Phillip came to you, I saw you here under the fig tree. I saw you here where you first learned to pray by praying with your Dad.  I saw you when you first started studying the Torah.  I saw you when you pretended to pray but were actually sleeping.  I saw you debating the law with the other men, believing so passionately that you were correct in your reading.  When did I get to know you? I’ve always known you.”

Flying low…

I wonder how many of us think we can fly low and stay unnoticed by Jesus?  I wonder how many people around us are flying low just trying to survive life.  Then Jesus comes to us and says, “I know you.”  And in his words we know that he truly knows us.  He has entered our world.

Jesus, to start the transformation process, enters our world, and His call is for us to enter the world of those around us.  We need to break our cultural and church norms to enter into the lives of others. Get our lives dirty by talking to those we shouldn’t talk to.  Hang out with those guys from the “other” part of town.  Get into the homes of other races and cultures.  Our human tendency is to judge others because of stereotypes, customs, prejudices and beliefs.  Jesus treats people as individuals, accepting them with love and compassion.  He enters their world.  Do you dismiss certain people as lost causes, or do you see them as valuable in their own right, worthy of time spent getting to know them?

When you catch your breath from Jesus entering your world and wrapping his big arm around your shoulder, you’ll know you’ve stepped into something amazing!  And in the meantime – find a way to enter into the world of others.  Seek first to understand before wanting to be understood.  Then go get yourself a bacon cheeseburger with fried onion rings and hang out for a bit in my world!