Who we are

We are a non-denominational Christian church who want to live generous, supernatural lives, loving people and keeping Jesus central to all we do. As a church we have identified four values which are at the core of who we are:


We meet often and love deeply. We worship Jesus together. We share the load and each other’s burdens. We forgive quickly and laugh a lot. We believe in diversity of function but equality of persons. We invest in every generation. We are inclusive and want to draw others in.


We love the person and presence of God. We walk in faith and trust God. We take Jesus into our communities. We believe in miracles and are hungry for more.


The love of Christ moves us to give. We live a lifestyle of generosity. We give big of all we have: finances, words, time and possessions. We love to give.

People of honour

We honour Jesus as King above all else. We honour all people, speaking life and seeing them as God does. We are people of grace and forgiveness. We find the gold in people and draw it out. We speak well of people. We are people of joy and hope.

What we believe

ONE GOD in three persons: the Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit.

THE BIBLE as the inspired word of God.

JESUS CHRIST, fully God and fully man, was conceived of the Holy Spirit, born of the virgin Mary and is the Savior of humanity.

SALVATION of sinners by grace through repentance and faith in Jesus. Through Jesus we have freedom, identity and purpose.

SONSHIP. From the moment we are saved, we become sons and daughters of The King of kings.

HOLY SPIRIT, who indwells all believers, encouraging, empowering and teaching them and enabling them to produce the fruit of the Holy Spirit and to operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

THE CHURCH, universal and local.

WATER BAPTISM by immersion as a confession by the believer in the death and resurrection of Jesus.

BREAKING OF BREAD commonly called communion where bread and grape juice are the symbols of celebration and remembering Jesus’ sacrifice.

ETERNAL LIFE for the believer.

Our Team

We see in scripture that the church is being built by Jesus Christ and is overseen by a team of Elders (Pastors). These men and their wives care for the local church and are responsible, through prayer and the leading of the Holy Spirit, for setting its doctrine and direction. In addition, a large team of passionate, dynamic volunteers lead various groups and ministries at The Rock.

Our Elders

Gavin & Tara Balarin

Eldership, Junior Youth

Mark & Monique Nyman

Lead Elders

Brad & Christy Herselmann

Eldership, Life Groups, The Chat

Next Generation

Nathan Ridge

Kids’ Ministry

Tara Balarin

Junior Youth

Serving and Ministries

Ian & Wendy Klynsmith

Soul Care

Jeanette Carlisle

Bible Study


Scripture also tells us that, in addition to elders, the church is loved and cared for by men and women referred to as deacons. This group of volunteers serve and lead in various areas of church life. Our deacons are:


Mat & Jeanette Carlisle

George & Michelle Carpenter

Alberto & Veronica Chiaranda

Alexi & Kirsten Coutsoudis

Carl & Cath de Wit

Denholm & Ali Elliot

Johan & Maureen Kirsten

Ian & Wendy Klynsmith

Glyn & Natalie Ogden

Kovi & Doreen Pillay

Wayne & Candice Palmer

Kyle & Robyn Ralph

Russel & Josie Ralph

Kuben & Nikki Reddy

Gary & Sarah Rogers

Grant & Margo Rosettenstein

Janelle Runsey

Bronwyn Simpkins

Rory & Julie Smith-Belton