With our Dreams Group starting up in a couple of weeks, we thought we would let you hear from someone who did the last one. Judy Gore happily filled us in on her experience. Be careful, her enthusiasm is catching! When I heard about the dream course I got excited, because truth be told I had forgotten about some of my dreams. Being a single mom who had time to dream? When I heard Adam Bright was doing it I was even more interested as I’d had a glimpse of his life and wanted to learn more. I’ve been a Christian practically since I was born so I really did think I knew it all but I started learning more about this mysterious God from the very first session, and it ignited a new fire in me right away. I didn’t have a long list of dreams that first week (just seven) but I conscientiously did my homework each week (yes, there’s homework) and it paid off. I got a dream partner and we shared our dreams, fears and tears. It was amazing. I was learning about what God wanted for me, that He had created me with dreams inside and that it was His desire for me to dream dreams and to trust him to show me when and how to accomplish them. And then the tough part…… Which dreams were His and which were mine…. Ouch!!!! Anyhoooo week after week we learnt more about this amazing God of dreams and our journey to work consciously towards them. My list grew to 34 and every week the testimonies were rolling in of people speaking out their dreams, God making a way and dreams coming true. And then it was my turn. This changed my life! We were in a group discussion and we had to share a dream with each other and get vulnerable. I’m not really too good at the sharing stuff so I looked through my list and chose the craziest dream I could find so that we could all agree it was crazy but nice to have, by not really achievable and then move on. So I shared my crazy dream of being a radio DJ. Strangely enough not that many people laughed it off but we actually spent some time discussing it and people encouraged me. Hope grew inside me, not so much at that time for the DJ dream but for the fact that with some focus, determination, prayer, faith and plenty of obedience dreams can become a reality. A few days later Debbie Becker, who was on the course with me emailed me an application for a position at a radio station. ┬áNo, I’m not joking! She had met some people, got chatting, they just happened to work at a radio station and they were looking for volunteers. When I saw the mail I just cried. Actually, I filled it in and then I cried. I was so excited and overwhelmed you just couldn’t wipe the smile off my face…. Long story short I went for two interviews, (they are sticky about who volunteers) and got offered a position. Today I’m in training and have a position where I interview NGO’s around Durban for GNCR (Good News Community Radio 93.6 FM ) that’s my hook ( it’s radio talk ) and they want me to do a ladies hour magazine show once a week on live radio! Come on that is amazing. That is the God that I serve. And that’s why you just HAVE to do the dreams course. Come meet the Dream-giver. I have 89 dreams on my list and still dreaming…..