On Tuesday evening, as we were setting up for our holiday club, Encounter the King, I went upstairs to find the prophetic dance team dancing and worshipping. As I felt the beautiful, thick & tangible presence of God in the room, I knew that the next three days would be life-changing, not only for the children, but for all of us! There were about 90 children with us each day & it was beautiful to see that they were from a wide range of churches across the city, some as far afield as Greytown! Each child received a journal on the first day and Mark encouraged them to write and draw the things that God showed them during our time together.

Over the next three days we all jumped into the river of God’s presence and worshipped our hearts out! The boys “roared” over the girls and we all roared together claiming our schools and friends for Jesus. The children wrote the lies and negative words that have been spoken over them on a huge piece of paper and ran through them to break those lies…powerful! Over the three days, each of the groups got to spend time in God’s presence in different and fun ways: prophetic dance, prophetic art and the encounter stations. God brought the most amazing team of leaders together (again, from different churches) for each of these areas and not only did He work powerfully in the children’s lives, but the team was deeply touched too! The children had such fun worshipping with their bodies in dance, as Holy Spirit taught them not to be afraid to move! They could choose to dance with flags and ribbons, or do ballet or some upbeat hip-hop. At the prophetic art station, they broke the lie that they can’t draw by starting the session drawing with their feet! God gave them powerful pictures which they drew and created with clay and other materials.

I was so blessed to be part of the encounter stations: the “heart-room”, the “soaking garden” where they rested and listened to what Jesus had to say to them, the “treasure room” and the “throne room”, where they sat on the throne and literally saw and heard from heaven! Wow! The common theme over the stations was encountering God and hearing what He had to say to the children, re-enforcing that they are treasures in His Kingdom and are deeply loved! Children saw angels, many were healed physically and emotionally and some gave their hearts to Jesus! We celebrated everything that God had done over these three amazing days with the most spectacular paint “colour blast”… a symbol of the blessings and love that God had poured into all of our hearts! Thank you, Jesus, for Your love and faithfulness…we know it is just the tip of the ice-berg and that You have SO much more for Your children!