I can count on one hand, the significant moments in my life that I can look back on say ‘That moment changed my life…’

A couple of weekends ago I went away with some mates for a weekend of Red meat, sun and surf. A weekend aptly named ‘The Weekend of Awesomeness.’

A weekend down the coast, in a cottage on the beach, is anybody’s idea of a good time. Add to that incredible surf, skating abandoned car parks, braais that last for daaays, man sized breakfasts, cappuccinos, and building a bonfire that was bigger than a small car. What more could any guy ask for?

Whenever you put a group of people that love Jesus together, the conversations you have are likely to be laced with encounters you’ve had, or prayers you’ve recently prayed. So after having conversations about Jesus for the first couple of days we made a decision to give the Holy Spirit some time and space, and see what would happen. And boy did he show up…

We prayed and prophesied for 2 and half hours that night, a lot was said about calling, and identity and the journeys we’re on and how we are called to live for so much more (#switchfoot).

Looking back on that moment standing in a room full of mates, men that I love and trust. Men that don’t care about my failures, but speak life into me because they know who I am born to be. Men who speak destiny into you, stirring life up inside of you, I realize that I can add that moment, that weekend, to my list of life changing moments.

The problem with ‘Life Changing moments’ is that they’re exactly that: moments. Almost like they’re snapshots of our lives… the gag reel even, of the best parts of our lives. Honestly, going back to work after the Weekend of Awesomeness that I had was pretty underwhelming. How do you go back to work when everything seems to pale in comparison?  How do you go back to the normal viewing of our lives once you’ve seen the how much fun the gag reel is?

I reckon its a battle. We have to fight for it.

Just like it’s a battle to sacrifice time and money to be able to go away on weekends of Awesomness, it’s a battle to live the lives that we are called to.  Until we make a decision to stop running from our destinies, and walk into the words that have been spoken over us, our lives will always be made up of moments.