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The Rock ChurchThe Rock Church

Church is not a bunch of strangers getting together once a week to sing some songs and listen to a preach. Biblically, it is a unique family where God plants people to grow and flourish. And as family we love getting together and draw in new people.

If you are new to The Rock, the best way to feel part of the family is to have a meal with some of the leaders (Plugged In), to find out more about biblical truths our lives are built on (Blueprint) and to join a serving team (Engine Room)

We would love to help you find your space.

Been to The Rock a couple of times, feel this is a church where you can grow spiritually and out-work the good plans of God, join us for an informal lunch and find out how you can get plugged in.

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We encourage all those who have recently joined The Rock, recently been saved or those who feel that their spiritual life needs re-igniting to do our Blueprint Course.

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The Rock has a great culture of serving. Serving is the engine room of the church. Especially during Sunday gatherings, our teams of volunteers make things happen.

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