On Sunday I was feeling terrible – I had a fever and my whole body was aching all day. I must be honest I really was not up to going to church in the evening and wouldn’t have gone but I was on coffee shop duty and didn’t want to bother anyone with calling in sick. Anyhow, I don’t remember much of the service last night or of the preach – I just couldn’t wait to crawl back into bed and let the day be over. When Brad asked if he could pray for me I almost said no I wasn’t really up for anything. During prayer I was trying to concentrate but my eyes and back were burning and my stomach was so sore.¬†After he prayed I had a couple of things to do and we left about a minute later. As I was walking from the coffee shop to the door of the church I felt the fever leave¬†– I actually just felt it lift and felt cool air on my back and neck. I slept well and this morning my stomach was not at all sore anymore! By Debbie Hamblin