Sin entered the earth, forever changing the story of man.  It brought in death as a reward and sickness as its chief warrior. Doubt joined its ranks and deceit became its master strategist. The pattern of behavior for all mankind was forever changed. They are stuck in endless loops of discouragement and anger as futility thwarts their best efforts to change. A pattern of destruction was set into place. Then… truth, like a spear piercing the breastplate of deceit entered the fray. Life was forever changed again. The endless cycles of brokenness and sickness gave way to life and wholeness. The pattern of behavior for sinful and sin-filled man was interrupted. Jesus was and is the Master Pattern Interrupter. This is the third key in true transformation. It’s the ability to interrupt the old patterns of behavior and replace them with new empowering patterns of behavior. As we read through the gospels we see Jesus doing this over and over again: Sinful man living in the rut/pattern of a sinful life with all its behaviors and Jesus, through a brief encounter, shifts them to a new pattern of the Kingdom. The one thing Jesus’ pattern always includes is “others first”.  Loving others more than yourself. Washing the feet of others who should be washing your feet.  Feeding others who should be feeding you. Esteeming others more than you esteem yourself. We could spend days looking at all the various ways this affects our daily behavior. The key is not to simply understand and examine, but to put this new pattern into action. When you and your loved one are arguing, have a simple word (previously agreed upon) that you can toss out to shift you both into a place of honouring and solving the problem versus blaming each other for the problem (pattern interrupt).  Instead of looking away from the beggar on the corner and pretending he or she is not there, smile politely and make eye contact acknowledging them as human (pattern interrupt). When your child comes crying for attention, instead of getting frustrated because you “have important things to do”, bend down and pause for a few moments to connect and embrace them, soon they will be involved in their own “important things” (pattern interrupt). Deceit as the master strategist for sin has many of us believing our own delusional stories about our self-importance. Truth gave up His self-importance and laid down His right to make right for us. Let that truth invade our lives and interrupt our patterns.  Let’s replace our self-important stories with His selfless pattern.