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My mood started pretty much like the day, grey and heavy.  As I woke I received messages from two precious friends who are facing real battles in their lives. I could feel their pain, loss and frustration and I badly wanted to help. Added to that, my little girl did not have a good morning. She wasn’t her usual chatty self in the car and didn’t jump eagerly from the car when I dropped her at school. As I watched her walk away with her massive school bag on her back, I wanted to stop my car, run after her and try to make everything right in her world. A short while later I saw a close friend who has moved away and is figuring out a whole lot of stuff in her world. My heart ached for her. For the next hour I stared at the white line on the bottom of a local training pool trying to figure it all out. What is this feeling in my heart and what am I meant to do with it? What is this tugging, aching stirring I know is from God and why has he given it to me? As I see those I love struggle or in pain, what should my response be? To look on in pity or sympathy? No, I don’t think so. As I counted laps I realised that this feeling is compassion, something at the very heart of God. But compassion cannot just be a feeling that passes without action. It must be something that stirs me and spurs me. So how is compassion outworked, I pondered? What is its fruit? I believe it needs to be outworked as love in action. And I believe it is very practical and powerfully spiritual. So after I dried myself off, I delivered a coffee and a hug. I made a meal for a friend and gave some writing advice. I baked with my daughter and talked about life. But most of all, I prayed. As I went about my day and the faces of my loved-ones popped into my head, I took their struggles to my Heavenly Father, knowing he loves them even more than I do and his heart aches way more than mine, knowing that as I pray, stuff happens and atmospheres change. A life lived in community is an incredible thing. We get to share each others joy and pain. We have the privilege of getting struck into each others lives. We get to be real and to encourage. We get to lighten each others burdens. And we get to pray. It’s dynamic. It’s powerful. It’s Kingdom.

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