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The Rock ChurchThe Rock Church

Believing God's Word for our Church

Avvy Pratt – Prophetic Word for The Rock

5 February 2006

I saw you as an icebreaker ship with a strong steel front that slowly moves through ice and breaks up the ice.  And I felt that behind this ship there wasn’t just cold water and little bits of ice floating around, but in fact there was quite a fertile garden being established behind the ship, but the process I feel has been long and hard and I feel that sometimes there has even been some frustration in “its taking so long to see anything, its taking so long.” …

Bob Hazlett: Mark Nyman/Rock Church

3 August 2014

This is the night that the battles that you’ve fought for years are going to drop by the wayside. This is going to be a night where things that have battled against you, things that you’ve fought…a Psalm 91 moment, a thousand will fall at your side and ten thousand will fall at your right hand and it will not come near you anymore for God is breaking every chain tonight breaking every chain of addiction he’s breaking every chain of dependency and he’s releasing freedom to light like never before …

Julian and Katia Adams: The Rock Church

7 September

  • God is releasing an anointing to come into a new level of dreaming.
  • God is breaking off the constraints and limitations.
  • God has given The Rock a Joseph anointing.
  • Its an anointing to father movers and shakers, influencers, mind molders and to be a father to those that release finance.
  • God is releasing an anointing to be an authority recognized by brothers.
  • The Lord is releasing property to us.
  • Property to do with safe houses to be able to minister to the poor and the broken.
  • God is going to upgrade and upscale our facilities.
  • An anointing will come on our work into human trafficking, with national exposure and international funding.
  • Key property in Umhlanga.
  • People will come and get re-educated and re-housed.
  • God is establishing a whole new foundation for the Rock, there is a transitioning into a new place.
  • This church has a double blessing anointing on it.
  • What youre seeing in the natural (so many sets of twins) is a sifn of what God is doing in the supernatural.
  • Theres a reason why you (The Rock) dont fit the mold.
  • Its important to stay as you are, this church is to be unusual and to host an unusual, unprecedented manifestation of the prescence because he wants to do something out of the box in this city.
  • You will experience increase and overflow with blessing.

Julian Adams: Mark and Monique/ The Rock Church

28 april 2011

  • Mark, God has called you to be a mould breaker.
  • God has called you to be cutting edge, not for the main and the plain.
  • God has called you to breakthrough.
  • Church, you are not recieving a pastor, but a pioneer.
  • God has called you to be a church that will unlock resource in the nation, and in the nations.
  • God is going to give this church and incredible favor into many other places and there’ll be a resource ability in terms of creative areas and multi media.
  • I believe the Lord is saying that this church is not going to follow a particular wine skin God has something very unique here.
  • I believe the lord says there is going to be extension even in terms of buildings.
  • I believe its not going to be one building but about a number of buildings.
  • I believe the Lord says there’s something of an anointing in terms of signs and wonders God will unlock in a very dramatic way.
  • I beleive this church is going to be know for a specific emphasis on worship and God is gong to unlock the very creative worhip and the very different in worship.
  • Demographic is going to change in this church with an influx of lawyers and doctors.
  • God is going to connect you with people in the medical field.
  • God is going to release a new aspect to your work among the poor.
  • God is going to highlight ministry to the poor.


Mike Eltringham: The Rock Church.

November 2015

  • Rock church it is time to weigh anchor and proceed into the waters that you are called to.