Reflections on Night Lights A team of six volunteers from five different churches hit the streets of Stamford Hill with one purpose in mind…. to tell the ladies of the night that they are like diamonds in the eyes of God. The girls we met desperately want to stop working the nights… if only they could find work. One girl said it best… “This, what I am doing tonight, is not a job but I need to make money”. My heart cries out for these girls and I realise the curse of poverty runs deep within the veins of our city. I have seen it many times before, men driving up in their fancy cars to pick up one of these beautiful young girls. My blood boils and I want to rescue every girl and kick in the tinted windows of the silver Mercedes to expose the man but God reminds me….. He wants the John too. I pray and I ask Jesus to take the abuse for the girls and to radically transform the mind of the men…. My prayer for the city is that God will change the hearts of these affluent men, that instead of picking up a young innocent girls to satisfy their hunger they will fall on their knees, ask the saviour for forgiveness and find a way to create sustainable jobs for these innocent ladies. I pray that these men will rise up and start living. One of the highlights of our evening was when three of the courageous woman that were with us boldly walked into a Brothel that poses as a “massage parlour.” Within minutes they were praying for the girls caught up inside and Gods spirit moved in a radical way. They laughed and cried together and God began the process of restoring dignity and rescuing their identity.