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Cultivate Honour
Preached by Mark Nyman on June 2, 2019 (Sunday Morning).
Cultivate Excellence
Preached by Nathan Ridge on May 26, 2019 (Sunday Morning).
Cultivate Mission
Preached by Brad Herselman on May 19, 2019 (Sunday Morning).
Cultivate Culture
Preached by Mark Nyman on May 12, 2019 (Sunday Morning).
The Called out ones.
Preached by Marcus Herbert on May 5, 2019 (Sunday Evening).
A Stand up Moment.
Preached by Mark Nyman on April 28, 2019 (Sunday Morning).
Umdloti Adventures
Preached by Mark Nyman + Brad + Christy He on April 14, 2019 (Sunday Morning).
Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry time
Preached by Bethel Students on April 7, 2019 (Sunday Morning).
Cares and Worries of the World
Preached by Gavin Balarin on March 31, 2019 (Sunday Morning).
Enjoying God
Preached by Brian Barnes on March 24, 2019 (Sunday Morning).