“I have put my words in your mouth and covered you with the shadow of my hand” – Isaiah 51:16

I can’t say that I ever dreamed or imagined that I would one day be involved in manning a stand at a psychic fair.  And yet God knew that in 2013 I’d be there.  He knew who would come looking for answers.  He knew which of His children would be lost and ready to be found by him.  He had heard all their stories, prayers and arguments and knew their experiences and most importantly, He knew how to answer them.  The fields were white.

There are two particular stories that I’d like to share.  They really highlight that our Father is seeking His children.  He has been speaking to and preparing many to inherit salvation.  His plans are in motion.  He knows the who, where, when and how.  He even has the words for us to speak.  Would we listen and partake in the greatest love story ever told?

First let me tell you about a very special lady I met.  I was walking around the various stalls, smiling and praying and met a lady who practiced Chinese astrology and had a stand at the show.  We got chatting and she asked what we did and when I mentioned dream interpretation, she became very interested. She started telling me a dream she had had, which actually turned out to be a vision she had experienced during deep meditation.  In this vision, her father appeared to her with a message. She took this very seriously as her dad had entered into a Matha (Hindu monastery) about twenty years ago, pursuing a devotion to one of the Hindu gods. Even more important was that he had been dead many years.

In this vision he said to her, quite mysteriously, “You’ll know the way when you see the light”.  Well, that just got my antennae’s tingling!  And as I’m sure most of you reading will sense, it’s not the most difficult vision to “decode”. Clearly, this was a way to introduce this woman to her heavenly Father.  I invited her to our stand where we ministered to her the truth of Jesus, who is the way, the truth and the life.  He is the light.  We prayed with her and the tears flowed (our corner really was a corner of tears). Afterwards she said that she had felt peace and an energy when we had prayed and held her hands.  Did she make a salvation decision?  Not with us.  Was her life completely changed around?  I can’t give you an answer.  But this I can tell you, this woman had a taste of the Father and He is good.

On the Thursday that the fair started, some guys from my work met together to pray for our team.  I received a phone call later from one of the guys saying that I should expect an Indian gentleman with a gray beard, wearing a blue shirt.  This man was the last person that I ministered to on the Sunday:  an elderly Indian gentleman, gray beard, blue shirt.  He was intrigued by our dream interpretation sign and wanted to know if we could help.  When he was eighteen, he had dreamed of another realm in which he saw things moving and happening at an extraordinary speed, but in an ordered and accurate way. This plane, as he described it, was extremely bright, calm, peaceful and warm. In this place, he saw a massive throne which contained, around the base, a number of colourful and beautiful gems. These precious stones would become detached from the throne and float a little bit away and then quickly reattach themselves and this would continue over and over.

Could we help? He longed to have an experience like this again! I felt that this was, quite simply, an invitation, from the throne room of God to a lost son.  Again, as with the woman I met, we ministered the truth about Jesus and prayed with him. We really felt like God had brought this man right to us, because the Father was seeking him. Afterwards he explained that he was actually a Muslim man and that they believed in the prophet Isa (Jesus). I urged him, that if he was truly wanting to find God, that he needed to go home, get on his knees and to ask.

We met many different people over this weekend with interesting backgrounds and belief systems.  But these two stories really summed it up for me.  It demystified my role in evangelism, counselling and the prophetic.  It wasn’t about the big moments.  It was about our Father, holy and good, who is seeking His children, whether they look and act like me or not.  He has been talking to and preparing them way before I ever met them.  We are not the answer, but we have the Answer.