Some may think it strange that The Rock booked a table at the recent Psychic Fair. When I was first asked to be involved, the idea was pretty daunting. But we simply went there with a heart to touch people with the love of Jesus, because once he touches you, you are changed.

There were so many stories to tell, all of them amazing! One of the stories that stuck in my heart is of a lady who is moving to another country with her family and she was feeling very stressed about sorting out all the admin that goes with that. She said that she was Catholic but that she also believed her bracelet of gem stones was helping her as well. We asked if we could pray for her and ask Jesus to help her. She was ok with that, and so we prayed and at the end of the prayer, she said that her hands were tingling.

I asked her if she would like to have an encounter with Jesus and she said, “Ooh yes, I have always wanted that!” So we got her to close her eyes and asked Jesus to give her a picture.  She said that she was in a garden. We asked if we could invite Jesus into that garden which she was quite happy to do. We asked Jesus to come in to her garden and she immediately said that it was filling up with beautiful flowers and that there was a little stream in front of her.  So we asked Jesus where he was in that picture. Instantly she said in awe “He is right in front of me, in the river, I can see his feet, but he won’t let me look up, I can feel his hand on my head, preventing me from looking up.” We asked Jesus if she could look up.  With that she started to cry and said “I have fallen forward and I’m lying on his chest, I can feel him, it is so amazing”.  When she left, she had peace and had found the answer she was looking for.

We had all kinds of people sit at our table, universalists, wiccans, Christians, Muslims and Hindus. They were all confident in what they believed in and felt that they had the truth and were happy, but the minute we spoke about their identity i.e we can see that you are a compassionate person, it seemed to break through the lie that they were ok. Everyone let us pray for them and many, many of them left with tears, having felt the touch of Jesus on them.  It was amazing talking and praying with them as they were all very spiritually aware and responded easily.

I think we can learn a lesson from this. Sometimes we approach the Lord with so much theology in our minds, that we don’t hear him. He always speaks.  If you look in the bible, how many times God speaks to the disobedient and unlovely and calls them to himself.  Even in our own salvation, we HEARD him in our sin and responded.  We have this wrong belief that God speaks only when we are really holy, and to the very mature, he speaks more.  No it’s when we choose to listen that we will hear, because he is always speaking.

Thank you, Brad for organising this, thank you to the team you were all AMAZING and thank you Jesus for your incredible faithfulness and allowing us to have such fun partnering with you.