“Attempt great things for God, expect great things from God.” William Carey

While here I India on this trip, I had the opportunity to visit the William Carey museum and was greatly encouraged by what this man did in such a short space of time. He was a true man of faith, living a life of courage, discovery and invention. His pioneering achievement was living proof of his famous quote.

I must admit, as I travel around this huge country and reflect on the masses of people who need to hear about the gospel of love, I feel so inadequate. It looks like a hopeless task and I want to find the nearest rock and crawl under it.

Yet, I have had a great time, preaching the gospel to the locals, encouraging and challenging leaders and believers from the word of God. I have seen many accepting the Lord, and many getting healed. I have seen discouraged and downcast leaders and believers saying how blessed and fired up they are after hearing how important they are to God and how he wants to bless and use them to advance his kingdom. They all want to know when I am coming back!

When I stood in the William Carey museum, pondering all these things, I realised that the same God who consumed William Carey’s heart and life, is the same God who consumes mine. While I am certainly not worthy to be compared to such a great man, I am blessed and inspired by his sacrificial life. I am encouraged and strengthened in my latter years, to continue unceasingly in my attempts to be a worthy ambassador of Christ, until he calls me home.

I am also sobered by the fact that Christ is using thousands of his servants all over the world, building his church.

To some, my efforts may seem miniscule and the product of my own imagination, but I know without a shadow of a doubt that the Lord saved me, called me and appointed me to the nations. He has sovereignly provided in the most unexpected ways for this amazing journey around India – even through people I have never met before. This was all his idea!

This is the best job in the world and money cannot buy what God has given me. The dreams I have are his dreams and I don’t think that I will see the full impact of them this side of heaven.

While I cannot say that I attempt great things for God, I will never stop expecting great things from God.

Anand Collage