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We tend to live our lives in the boxes we create. We try to create our identities around things that we think make sense, but in fact it is just a whole lot of rubbish. We are so busy worrying about what we don’t have and what we can’t do, that we forget about what we have and what we are capable of. We say we aren’t good enough to do something, but we haven’t even tried. We haven’t even put our toe on the water, but we still say we cannot walk! Even with the things we can do, we do them at only half our potential because we are content there. We are capable of so much more than we think. So much more can still be done. So much more can still be experienced‚Ķ we just need to go!

We sit the background of our own lives and personally, I am sick and tired of putting limitations over my life. Who says I am unable to stand in the podium at the karate world champs, representing South Africa? Who says I can’t travel, who says I can’t make a difference, who says I cannot impact a child’s life? Who says I cannot speak words of life into lives older than mine? Who? Nobody but myself!

We need to stop putting ceilings up in our life. We need to stop living an ordinary life when we were created for the extraordinary. We cannot complain about something if we have no intention of changing it, or at least trying to.

We push to move onto the next moment so quickly that we forget about the current one. We don’t see that right in front of us we have people celebrating with us, that the annoying bird outside is signing us a song, that the child climbing all over you just wants a hug. We are so busy with our own lives that we brush off others and complain about things that other people would bleed for.

I want to be part of generation that cares more about the person next to me than the next big TV series. I want to be part of the generation that fights for what we want. I want to be someone that works towards something instead of expecting it. I want to make people feel worthy. I want people to be loved. I don’t want to live a mediocre life sitting in the same chair just because it works and life is peachy. I want to be able to run freely, to sit in hundreds of chairs but most of all I want to be on the stage and not be part of the audience.

So many people think that they are worthless but I want to say, ladies you are princesses and gentlemen you are princes, because your father is a king. So now take that and show others! Show others their worth, and look in the mirror and see yours!

CHECK THIS OUT! Just a few weeks after Michelle wrote this blog she won two gold medals at the SA Championships for Karate. Amazing! Here’s a perfect example of someone living ‘unboxed’ – well done, Michelle!

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