At life group few weeks ago, my husband Brad felt that we should spend some time talking about generosity – one of the key cultural markers of our church. After some discussion he asked us to spend a bit of time praying and asking God where he wanted us to become more generous. We spent some time praying on our own and then shared what we felt God had said. For one person it was being generous with her time by attending prayer meeting. For one guy it was handing out bibles at traffic lights. For me it was being generous to the poor. I have always had a heart for the poor and specifically orphans, but the busyness of small kids and church life has kept me from actively participating in any ministry of this kind. Before we called it a night, Brad encouraged us to take a step during the week in the area God had highlighted and report back the following Wednesday. Well, the week flew by and I did nothing. The following Wednesday as various people spoke about what God had done (or like me, admitted they hadn’t managed to do anything yet) I felt even more convinced I needed to do something. So the following day my kids and I visited a local abandoned babies’ home where I often volunteered before I was a mom. We had an incredible afternoon with old friends and some precious little children. The oldest child was a sweet two-and-a-half-year-old boy. The rest  were babies less than a year old. While the little boy was being cared for amazingly by the loving, patient staff, I thought he may benefit from interaction with his peers. I also felt this may help prepare him for when he is adopted. The following morning I was praying with some ladies at my kids’ school, as we do every Friday morning, and the face of this boy at the babies’ home popped into my head and I thought, “What if we could get the little guy into preschool?” I approached the school secretary(a wonderful lady from our church) and the headmistress agreed that he could come for an assessment. I was super-excited and emailed my life group to ask if anyone would like to join me in sponsoring this little boy’s school fees. The generous response was overwhelming. I even had people from outside our life group asking if they could come on board. To cut a long story short, the little man is now in school. I am completely overwhelmed by the generosity of the school, our life group and many other people who have used their own finances to change the destiny of one small boy. In fact the response has been so great that there is now extra money for us to use elsewhere. Because that’s who God is. He is more than enough. Once again I am undone by his goodness. So here is my encouragement: Join a life group. You will be encouraged, spurred on and challenged to go to the next level. When God speaks, take a small step of faith and watch what he does. You will be blown away by his unfathomable love and indescribable kindness, just like I was.